Thursday, October 09, 2003

lost cell phone


It appears I've lost my cell phone. Am not sure how this happened, given how little I use the phone, which almost never leaves my pocket. If someone has it, then I need to stop service on it before they ring up a huge long-distance bill.

At the same time, it's a relief. I've never liked cell phones. Never used them in America (except when my brother David would pass me his). I didn't really enjoy having one foisted on me when I moved back to Korea last year, just because "everyone's got one and it's the only way to live in Korean society." I'm not a Luddite; if I were, I wouldn't be blogging. No; I'm simply an INTJ off the scale and I don't like the idea that anyone can find me anywhere to nag me. "Just turn off your phone!" is the grouchy advice I get in return, but that never works: when I turn the phone back on, all I hear are frustrated complaints like "I tried to call you about five times but your phone was off!", and in Korean culture these days, no one has the common decency to leave a fucking message so I know who called, goddammit. I have an older-model phone and no caller ID function, so I truly have no idea who's calling. Maybe losing the phone is the best thing to happen. I never loved it, anyway.

There's a chance the phone is actually hiding out at my place, cackling at its own cleverness. I've done a couple searches, but still think it might be under a blanket or mixed in with laundry. There's also a chance it's been put in the lost-&-found pile of last night's PC-bahng. I checked that PC-bahng earlier this evening and the nice lady said she hadn't seen anything. Thing is, I didn't lose the phone on her shift. I may go back there again, just to check with the guys who were there last night.


On another personal note, I've gotten really good at grabbing mosquitoes out of the air when they get too close to my face. Maybe the mosquitoes in Seoul are pollution addled and therefore slower than average, but the end result is that I feel more and more like a Jedi master. Which is why I'm not too bothered about a missing phone.

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