Tuesday, October 28, 2003

stuffed, fattened, and ready for slaughter

With humble thanks to Charlie, a.k.a. KimcheeGI, the Hominid was able to gorge on his longed-for Mexican food over at Dragon Hill Lodge on the Yongsan Army base. There's nothing quite like studying Buddhism, learning all about balance and moderation, then shamelessly piling huge amounts of beef, cheese, and vegetables onto your plate and chowing down like there's no tomorrow. Throw in some shrimp, a couple burritos, a few choice dessert items, and a pitcher (uh, two pitchers) of Coke, and we are good to go. Conversation ranged all over; topics included religion, philosophy, Rumsfeld, Bush, linguistics, a quick lesson in what a BBS is (yes, I'm ig'nant), and other things. One wonders why the KimcheeGI isn't a blogger himself-- he certainly has plenty of opinions. Then again, my Narcissism Detector was getting a null reading from Charlie, so maybe he's just not self-absorbed enough to want to start a blog. What a shame.

Thanks for the food, man. I'd been missing that. Regards to the Missus.

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