Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Glenn Reynolds: Germophobe?

Glenn Reynolds of Satan's Anus (cf. blogroll) writes:

DONALD TRUMP IS A SMART MAN, because he hates to shake hands, regarding it as filthy and unsanitary. I think he's onto something.

I'm coming down with a cold, as I almost always do after going to the faculty recruitment conference. It's contagion central, as candidates from all over the country come into a room, shake hands with every member of the committee, talk for a while, shake hands again, and leave. By the time candidates from all over the country have met with committees from all over the country, it's a veritable microbe-fest, and it always takes place at the beginning of cold-and-flu season. Ugh. Remember, when you shake hands with people, you're shaking hands with everyone they've shaken hands with. . . .

Good Christ. I used to work for APIC, and a large part of our mission was the dissemination of the Handwashing Gospel. But getting worked up about the rounds of handshaking is a bit too much, even for us APIC alums. APIC staffers at the National Office in DC, it should be noted, get colds like everyone else; sometimes that shit can't be helped. An overly paranoid attitude toward microbes, which are an inevitable part of our existence, also doesn't help matters. Glenn, with respect: du calme, s'il vous plaît. Et lavez-vous les mains un peu plus fréquemment.


Cyrano de Boogerac.

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