Sunday, October 05, 2003

The Homeless Guy

His blog has been around for a while (and he's another Kevin), but if you've never been there, I suggest you give The Homeless Guy a visit. (He's been on my blogroll.)

A recent post of his is fascinating in how it deals with an important issue: fearing the truth. Choice quote:

Why is it that so many people fear the truth? Their fear becomes obvious in observance of their reactions to it. People who fear the truth eventually resort to denying it.

There are two components to this fear. First is the fear of the statement. Second is the fear of the influence of the person making the statement, which is probably worse than the first.

Simultaneously, we are talking about Rush Limbaugh and Arnold Schwartzenn....whatever. To my mind, neither comment made by these men is incorrect. But, that doesn't seem to be the object, or the main point of the controversy.

Fear of the truth. Yes Hitler was a great public speaker, just as Arnold said he was. It was Hitler's ability to inspire the masses that afforded him such great power. Of course Hitler used that power for evil, but Arnold admitted that as well. But what are people hearing? They only hear Hitler being praised, and praised by a public celebrity who has influence over the masses. Now, people are lashing out at Arnold for making the statement. At least, that is what the media is reporting. But are the media discussing the correctness in Arnold's statement? Heck no. There's no debate going on as to whether Hitler had a gift for public speaking. Why not? If what Arnold said was indeed true, could there be any legitimacy in the complaints about him?

Go thou and read the rest!

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