Sunday, October 19, 2003

...and then: informational windfall

This comes from Charles, a.k.a "The KimcheeGI" (whom I met today at the Huimang Shijang, so a shout-out to C is in order, as well as sincere thanks for his purchase of my humble wares). The Marmot will be interested to know that Charles is thinking of doing grad work at GU SFS. You bastards snatched another one who'd've done just fine in LingLang. Sorry, but Hoya solidarity ends at the admissions desk when you goddamn SFSers steal another soul from the pool of potential LingLangers.

Charlie's email contains NK-related info. The email says in part:

I read with interest your posts on North Korea's famine, and have a few more links if you'd like to check them out:

Testimony of Andrew S. Natsios, Administrator, USAID Before the Subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs Committee on Foreign Relations U.S. Senate
June 5, 2003:

He's author of the book The Great North Korean Famine:

I read Natsios for a class on North Korean Socialist Development, and he is pretty fair considering the possibility of becoming emotionally attached to this issue. Currently administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development, Natsios has studied famines for more than a decade. He is neither an American Policy apologist nor a North Korean apologist.

Also, UNICEF opened a North Korean website has some spiffy Powerpoint presentations in the Situation webpage about nutrition assessment in the north, and comes to an amazing conclusion: North Korean kids are malnourished...

Accepted with thanks. Hope your friend enjoys the gift. If you need to know where to go to get that made into a scroll for cheap, I know a place in Insa-dong: call 733-5568. You'll have to deal with them in Korean, but since I now know you already speak super Korean, this won't be an issue.

Another email from Guyjean:

The KPA of 2003 is an imposing and formidable force of 1.17 million active
personnel with a reserve force of over 5 million, making it the fifth largest
military force in the world.24 The ground forces are organized into eight infantry
corps, four mechanized corps, an armor corps, and two artillery corps. The KPA
air force consists of 92,000 personnel, and is equipped with some 730 mostly
older combat aircraft and 300 helicopters. The 46,000-man KPA navy is primarily
a coastal force.25 Additionally, the KPA maintains the largest special operations
force (SOF) in the world, consisting of approximately 100,000 highly trained, totally
dedicated soldiers.26 A long history of bloody incursions into South Korea underscores
the offensive mission of this force.
page down to see the important Table of Contents

NORK cyberhackers?,2100,59043,00.html

The Library of Congress study on NK

Treat as highly suspect
"In addition, the US has 70 KH-11 spy satellites hovering over North Korea."
We most certainly do not have 70 KH-11's hovering over NK.

A fun interview

2 years old but kinda interesting

I just luv this photo


some fairly recent info on food aid


some very interesting stats

interesting list of articles

good stuff

worth a quick read-- from the CBC


[from a different email]

some good links here on food aid.


It's going to take a while, Charles and Guyjean, for me to sift through all this, but it's a treasure and I thank you both.

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