Wednesday, October 29, 2003

"Lawmakers spend huge money from our blood-like taxes."

I love that sentence.

Here's the article it comes from-- victim mentality in microcosm.

But some observations with which expats will agree:

Selfishness prevails over the society with people not caring the position of others. Few are reluctant to be in the shoes of others.

Adding to the turmoil are law violations and disorder. Law and order are not respected of late in this otherwise lawful country. But law enforcement authorities appear to be helpless and insincere in dealing with the unlawfulness.


In hard times, like now, a stronger leadership is required to motivate people to get together and go beyond ideology and individual interests.

Unfortunately, however, Korea today does not have one.

Direct confirmation of my feeling, along with many Koreans', that Noh Mu Hyon is a pussy-- the rudderless, feckless leader of the Labia Majority and Labia Minority Parties. And he remains NK's bestest friend. Hail!

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