Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year

Just a brief post this time around...

Many thanks to Robert for the shout-out. Here's hoping that people will continue to make donations and do what they can.

Over at Andi's blog, commenter Paul notes the following site:

At Verbum Ipsum, Lee links to a Lutheran site: Lutheran World Relief.

The Presbyterian Church's disaster response link is here. has a link on its homepage to multiple sources: see here.

The Infidel offers his perspective on the disaster here and here and here.

Rory has more links.

Fatman Seoul says his piece.

Arn's got a whole slew of links.

The Flying Yangban offers some links of his own.

Happy New Year, all. I'm off to watch "The Incredibles" this evening-- 12:10AM showing. Also: this is probably the last of the tsunamiblogging linkage for me. The links are out there; the word's being spread. I'll blog occasionally on the disaster, but the Hairy Chasms' focus will return to its normal lack of focus.

Peace. And be mindful.


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