Sunday, October 08, 2006

blasted ATMs

I have a Shinhan Bank account. Shinhan Bank took over my old bank, Choheung, and while many services improved after the takeover, some seem to have disappeared, including the ability to use an ATM during Ch'useok. Jelly wrote about this a couple days ago (though I can no longer find the post... was it deleted, or was I dreaming?); she noted that the bank is holding our money, which we should be able to access whenever we please.

Other banks, such as Woori, have functioning ATMs, but that's of no help to yours truly: Shinhan shut everything down for the holiday-- even, apparently, its computers-- so I've been unable to use any ATM to access my cash. That's a pain in the ass. Looks as though I have to wait until Monday.

UPDATE: Jelly reminds me that she wrote about ATMs in a email to me. Ah, senility.


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