Sunday, October 15, 2006

O ye of little faith

My fickle readers,

If there have been no updates, it apparently takes only two days for this blog's traffic to sink from about 340 unique visits per day to under 200. That, I suppose, is one of the problems with reading blogs via RSS: people don't bother to visit unless there's been an update. Constant readers don't lovingly pore through your archives.

I was in the Yeongju area this weekend enjoying the countryside, a slower pace of life, a Hwaeom festival at Buseok-sa, and an overabundance of apples and grapes. Pictures later. I've got laundry and lesson planning to take care of first.

A big thanks to Sperwer, who did all the driving, arranged our lodging, and acted as tour guide as well. I served as a low-rent interpreter on several occasions, but Sperwer often seemed to handle himself just fine without my help.


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