Monday, October 23, 2006


No matter what your opinion of the war in Iraq might be, I think we can all agree that State Department diplomat Alberto Fernandez is a fucking dumbass.

Mr. Fernandez, you're paid a fairly decent salary to represent a certain point of view. You're also free to express your own point of view-- as long as you make clear what you're doing. However, Mr. Fernandez, it is the height of cowardice to make a statement like "...I think there is a big possibility ... for extreme criticism and because undoubtedly there was arrogance and stupidity from the United States in Iraq"-- on Al Jazeera, no less-- and then attempt to retract the statement by saying:

This represents neither my views nor those of the State Department.

Who the fuck's views were you airing on Al Jazeera, shitcake?

I can't quite put my finger on the reason, but this pisses me off royally. One reason why I like anti-diplomat John Bolton: he always knows where he stands. Agree or disagree with him as you will, but you have to admit that Bolton doesn't equivocate.


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