Monday, October 02, 2006

hitting the small time

I make the JoongAng Daily "Going to the Blogs" section for my recent article on multicolored shit. Alas, Scott Hammel, standing in for Niels Footman, must have swooped in while my post was barely an hour old, for he snapped up a quote from my piece, typos and all.

[NB: I notice he didn't provide a direct link to the piece, either. If the problem is the word "shit" in the URL, then I suggest using TinyURL to make a more innocuous link. Takes all of ten seconds.]

Mr. Hammel-- I know you're on deadline, but always make it a point to check back with my blog later. I clean some of my posts up after hitting "publish," and they're often a lot easier on the eye when I'm done with them. Sometimes this happens within an hour; sometimes it happens a week later. I take pride in keeping the English clean and clear; I don't always succeed, but I wouldn't be able to keep my reputation as a language Nazi if my fly were unzipped and my modifiers were left dangling for all to see.

Anyway, my thanks to the JoongAng for having delivered exactly one hit to this blog thus far. I'm guessing that "Going to the Blogs" doesn't have a very big audience. Heh.


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