Tuesday, October 31, 2006

the upcoming spanking

US general erections are upon us; they happen November 7th, and it's not looking good if you're a Republican. George Allen's small-minded attempt at smearing his opponent Jim Webb by pointing to the latter's trashy novels is a bad move, very likely to backfire. Mark Foley's fall from grace, while almost certainly helped along by Democrats, was fundamentally Foley's own doing, and didn't exactly help the GOP cause.

I've been predicting a Democrat backlash for 2008, and see little reason to back off that prediction (though I'd still vote for Rudy Giuliani if we were to be the GOP nominee for president). The backlash may be starting early, though; my tentative prediction for the US Congress is that the Dems won't enjoy a sweeping electoral victory, but they will end up with a bare majority in both Houses. Which is good: these are midterm elections, and our government could use a little dynamic tension right about now. Nearly two presidential terms' worth of GOP yes-manning hasn't convinced me that a single party holds all the wisdom. While I'm not a fan of the Democrats, either, I think the GOP could do with a good spanking this time around. No hard feelings, gents, but I'm pretty sure your number's up.


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