Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ave, al-Jiha'awa!

My Pet Jawa is currently hosting a YouTube video that simultaneously parodies radical Islam and The Charlie Brown Christmas Special. I have to agree with the commenters who predict that this video will be pulled by YouTube's hypocritical minders (the ones who allow terrorist propaganda to flourish on their site) soon, so watch the vid while you can. If you can't fuse religion with humor, there's little hope for humanity.

That reminds me: "South Park" and Comedy Central need to grow a set of balls on this issue. "South Park" just parodied the recent death of "Croc Hunter" Steve Irwin by portraying Irwin in hell with a stingray stuck in his chest, and Comedy Central defended "South Park" by noting that the show routinely offends people-- so what? So why not apply that logic to a good ol' Islam parody? Hell, Jesus is a regular cast member on the show, right? And Judaism is gleefully flogged as well. I think there's enough room for the youngest of the Abrahamic religions to be set on the grill alongside its parents.


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