Tuesday, October 03, 2006

tired, stuffed, had a blast

A five-hour hike on Bukhansan, followed by an amazing meal in good company. What better way to spend your Gae Ch'eon Jeol (Heaven Opening Day, i.e., National Foundation Day)? Did the hike with the illustrious Sperwer and Charles of Liminality; Charles probably could have done the hike about three more times, but he was a good sport. And not merely a good sport: Charles brought along three kinds of sandwiches featuring his trademark homemade bread: PB&J, ham & cheese (with alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, and Maille Dijon mustard), and egg salad. I had at least one of each. I brought along bagfuls of GORP,* which no one consumed.

Sperwer invited us to his home for a modestly termed "late lunch," which turned out to be a magnificent, multi-course spread. We started off with pasta and a light salad, and moved on to grilled steak, grilled lamb, and assorted grilled vegetables. I had the privilege of meeting Sperwer's lovely wife, and the chance to reacquaint myself with his adorable daughter and her good friend, who had spent the night.

A day well spent.

And then I saw this in my email (sender shall remain anonymous):

Q: Why don’t GOP congressmen use bookmarks?

A: They don’t need to; they simply bend over the pages.

D'oh! Mr. Foley, the jokes have begun. Be glad you're in rehab!

It's gonna be a rough election season. Expect the GOP to hit back with something of their own. Still a few weeks to go until November.

UPDATE: Wait-- it almost looks as though the counterattack has begun! (I'm not entirely serious about this, of course.)

*What? You don't know GORP? Good Old Raisins and Peanuts! The main problem with GORP is that it dries your mouth out. Not good when you're doing a sweaty hike.


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