Wednesday, October 11, 2006

when "Nodong" means "no dong"

Little did I know that Jeff has been thinking along almost exactly the same lines I have: see here. Jeff goes a bit further than I do, as he doubts whether NK has any nukes at all. But he and I are on the same page regarding this "test," to wit: until we see hard evidence, there's little reason to believe the explosion was nuclear.

So it's time to form a "nuke skeptics" club. Membership simply requires enough skepticism to maintain that we still don't know whether NK actually detonated a nuke. No fees, no displays of party affiliation, nothing but NK-related skepticism to join this club.

We need a good acronym. How about--

PENIS = Pyongyang Emits Nasty, Inferior Semen

SANDWICH = Skeptics About Nukes Don't Wallow In Credulous Haze

EATDOG = Eloquent Argument That Dickless Ogres Grandstand

SCROTE = See Clearly, Reflect Often, Think Empirically

ANUS = Alliance of Notably Unconvinced Skeptics

LABIA = Leader's Asinine Blunder Invites Amusement

CUM = Cynics Undermining Menace

SPERM = Scientific Pondering Eventually Reveals Mundanity

CMEN = Corea Manufactures Effeminate Nuke

CLIT = Chimeras Liven International Talks

CHUNK = Classic Hubris Undoes North Korea


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