Monday, October 16, 2006

my October surprise

This is the final week of Freshman English, thank Cthulu. I got rated today, and am pleasantly surprised by the 93.8% I received from my horrible class, the Level 4s. As Joel noted long ago, there's a good bit of grade inflation going on in these ratings, but unlike the situation with my regular conversation classes, the frosh are required to attend this course on pain of receiving their very first Smoo-given "F," which means that even the students who hate the course have to keep attending. This, in turn, means that the more truthful, less starry-eyed ratings are factored in along with the usual hearts and stars and "he's so sweet"s written on many of the other forms.

My more adoring Level 2s bestowed a 96.25% on me, which was nice, though I admit I was a bit disappointed not to have gotten a higher rating. It matters not: in early December, I'll receive another set of ratings from the tattered remains of the regular classes I'm currently teaching. Those ought to be amusing.


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