Thursday, October 19, 2006

postal scrotum: Dan on anti-Jewish violence

Dan writes in with reference to this post:

Antisemitic incidents in the US: LINK

1757 antisemitic incidents in '05 - an average of just under 5 per day. You could look at this as evidence of a declining trend, and take solace that France is showing much higher numbers - and that, with a smaller overall population and a much smaller percentage of jews in the population. Also, France does have a longstanding reputation for religious intolerance and specifically for antisemitism; for a nation that outlaws Holocaust denial, they're very slow to come to terms with their own complicity in exterminating their infestation of Jews. I guess you'd also have to control for what is being defined as an antisemitic act, but I've heard for some time about truly egregious Krystallnacht-style attacks taking place in France lately with the full complicity of local authorities.

Dan's email also had more on Judaism and Buddhism, and I hope to get to that later.


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