Monday, October 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Sean!

My brother Sean turned 27 on October 15, which is, as of this writing, yesterday here in Seoul. But it's still the 15th in the States, so from the Yank point of view, I'm not late.

There was a time when people thought Sean and I were twins. We're actually ten years apart in age, but we're about the same height and build. I've been to several of Sean's cello performances, and people have come up to me afterward to congratulate me on "my" performance.

I haven't heard from Sean in a long, long while. He's in Toronto, but he never responds to my emails. I hope he's doing OK, eking out an existence as a pro cellist and private tutor. Life isn't easy when you're a musician, and I wish my little brother the best.

Happy 27th, Mr. McVicker! Write me!


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