Friday, October 27, 2006

why I'm in love with Camille

I wish I could write and talk like the world's smartest lesbian. Camille Paglia's take on Noam Chomsky, and on Bush's role in his increasing popularity (courtesy Droog):

Chomsky's hatred of the United States is pathological -- stemming from some bilious [problems] with father figures that are too fetid to explore. But Chomsky's toxic view of American imperialism and interventionism is like the playbook of the rigid foreign policy of the Bush administration. So, thanks very much, George Bush, you've managed to rocket Noam Chomsky to the top of the bestseller list!

Points off, Camille, for saying "boldfaced lie" instead of "baldfaced" in a different part of that interview. But otherwise, I love you and I think you've got a point. The current administration has long suffered from, among other things, a major PR problem.


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