Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jelly's little Baduk problem

Commenter Baduk originally made waves in the Koreablogosphere for his prophetic forecasting of the downfall of the galactic quack Dr. Hwang Woo Seok. He has since captivated audiences with his strange humor, firm Christian convictions, idiosyncratic English, and his balanced bashing of Korea and the US. To this impressive list we can now add his comparative cultural assessments of wife-beating.

I'm not going to quote anything. You have to go visit this thread on Jelly's blog and read the literature for yourself. Start with Jelly's fine post, then move on down to the comments.

To answer your unasked question: Baduk's not joking. I can, however, answer his question about which country is more advanced/civilized: it's the country that openly deplores such behavior and seeks solutions, not the country that tries to defend a disgustingly backward mentality (I'm not sure how many sane Koreans actually would defend such a thing). It's a great virtue to know where and when to direct your anger. Directing it at your wife's face and body, however, is completely uncalled for.


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