Friday, June 14, 2013

a weekend of moviegoing

I'll be gorging myself on the rich sap of cinema this weekend. On Saturday, my good buddy Dr. Steve will be trundling down from his palatial estate in Pennsylvania. He'll arrive at YB, my place of work, around 5PM, and will leave his car there. We'll immediately head out together to Fredericksburg, Virginia, home of my buddy Mike (whose birthday also happens to be on Saturday). The plan is to hit Mike's house by 6:30PM, then drive out to a local cinema to see "Man of Steel," for which Mike will have e-reserved us tickets (churlish to force Mike to pay for tickets on his birthday, but I aim to repay him). Ideally, we'll reach the cinema with time to spare, take our luxury seats (this is a luxury cinema), and enjoy watching gods in conflict.

Steve and I will then drive back to YB; we'll pick up Steve's car, and he and I will drive separately to Appalachia, where he'll stay overnight at my place. The following morning, he and I will hit a 10:55AM matinee showing of "Star Trek Into Darkness." I expect the theater to be pretty much empty on Sunday morning, except maybe for a few codgers intent on avoiding those loud, squirmy, night-loving teenagers. After that, I imagine Steve will either head over to his aunt's place, as he often does when he's in town, or he'll head back home. Long drive to Pennsylvania, but at least we'll have caught two flicks.


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