Saturday, June 22, 2013

low rent

I just got an emailed reply from my soon-to-be boss, Professor Y, about monthly rent. If I'm housed on campus, I'll be paying around W80,000 a month, probably just for utilities and maybe a little, tiny slice of rent. That's about $75/month, which is about a tenth of the rent I'm paying now. Professor Y notes that, because so many new profs are being hired by the Catholic University of Daegu, campus accommodations might not be available for all of us newbies. In that case, we'll be fixed up with lodging in the city and given a monthly stipend. Either way, rent is going to be dirt-cheap. So that's a relief.

CORRECTION: I just received an email from one of my future coworkers, who tells me that rent is W100,000, and I'd also have to pay utilities, which I assume will add another W30,000-W40,000 to the total. That's still not horrible, and certainly less than the $300/month I had projected.


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Charles said...

I'm glad to hear that the school will be shouldering some of the rent burden. That's not a bad deal.