Tuesday, June 04, 2013

vertical stripes are slimming

Me in Korea, 1995:

To think that I thought of myself as fat back then! If the 1995 Kevin saw the 2013 Kevin, he'd collapse in uncontrollable epileptic spasms.

What's that line from that Baz Luhrmann spoken-word poem...?

Ah, yes: "You are not as fat as you imagine." (See here. And here.)

But I have to say: my one faithful companion, all these years and all these miles, has been the gold Seiko watch you see on my left wrist. That watch was a graduation gift from my parents in 1991, and I still wear it proudly. Alas, as I wrote before, my watch lost its crown on my recent flight back from Seoul, and I still haven't had the time to get it into a shop. All I can do is add five hours and twenty minutes to whatever time it says. But I'm sure my watch will be with me for another twenty-two years. In the end, it's going to outlive me, ticking on even after my own ticker gives out.


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Bratfink said...

I have a self-winding Seiko; it needs to get to a jeweler and be cleaned though. I love that watch. Seikos are awesome!

We have never met in the flesh, but dude, I'm already missing you like we have.