Wednesday, June 26, 2013

full day today

Today, for once, I work a full eight-hour shift. I would have liked to work four 8-hour shifts this week, but I suppose we don't have enough students to justify that much work. Things might get better by mid-July, which is when a few more students are slated to trickle into our tutoring center. For the next couple of weeks, though, life is going to be shaky.

Our enrollment for the summer intensive courses is way down from last year. We have no students enrolled in the Critical Reading/Writing course, and there are only four students in the SAT course—down from seven or eight students last year. Our particular center has never been one of the more active ones; student numbers have always been low. In truth, that's one of the reasons why I've enjoyed working at YB Near: it's quiet. When I used to work at YB Far, located just across the street from a high school and thus swamped with students, I thought that place was a madhouse. Stress was high; at YB Far, we sometimes violated policy and seated four students with each tutor.

So I guess it's a trade-off: I can enjoy the quiet, but I'll suffer from a bare-bones schedule. Today, though, things won't be so bare-bones.


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