Thursday, June 06, 2013

pics from my brother

My brother David loves sending me pics from his iPhone, so I thought I'd blog a few of them. The first shot, below, is the bulgogi table spread at Yaechon, a popular 24-hour Korean restaurant at the front edge of Annandale's Koreatown:

David and Patricia love hitting Yaechon, which isn't too far from where they live in Alexandria. I've seen nighttime shots of them both, sitting at a table and looking bleary, at around 2AM. When you love a resto enough to be there at 2AM, that's true love. Yaechon's been written up in local papers; the service is brisk, and the food's quality is always good. It's not exactly cheap, though.

The following pic shows David's dog Penny encountering Sean's dog Maqz, plus a tantalizing glimpse of Patricia's legs:

Finally, we've got a cute pic of Penny contemplating the mysteries of Patricia's iPad:

I like the paw icon on the iPad's screen.

Given the frequency with which David sends me phone pics, I'm sure I'll be blogging more such images in the near future.


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