Friday, June 07, 2013

big project

I've got an e-meeting—two, in fact—that I'm not looking forward to attending. These will happen in just a few minutes, and will occupy my time almost until I have to leave for work... at which point I'll go to work, work, and come home around 10PM or a little bit thereafter.

Once I get back home, tonight's project will be the creation of a massive checklist to help me prep for my upcoming move to Korea. I've already got it partly schematized in my head: it'll be several pages long, and each page will be devoted to the various aspects of trip prep discussed here. My wall is going to look ridiculous once I tape all those pages to it, but I'm a checklisty type of person, so, as the Brits say, there's nothing for it.

Righto... gotta get ready for my e-meeting. Joy.

ADDENDUM: Change of plans: once again, it's the weekend! I've got no Thursday classes (cancelled for the third week in a row). Since YB is closed on Fridays, I've got two free days ahead of me. Plenty of time to work on that checklist today.


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