Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the mission

Today, I'm going to tool out to Shenandoah Valley Moving and Storage, just up the street a ways, to see whether they've got climate-controlled storage units. If they do, that'll be great: I'll be able to move boxes of my things quickly and efficiently a very short distance. I'm hoping this will minimize my need to rent a U-Haul van.

UPDATE: Failure! I decided to call ahead and ask about the sort of storage available at Shenandoah Valley Moving and Storage, and they told me that they don't have climate-controlled units. That's a blasted shame... SVMS is located so close to where I live.

So! The search goes on.



John from Daejeon said...

Have you thought about using Vacuum Seal storage bags? Using them might mitigate the need for climate control.

And depending on the quality of the storage company, you might want to add some poison for rodents and a tarp for the floor to keep moisture away from your boxes and books. One year while I was away, a hurricane drove up flood waters into the storage units I was using which also brought an invasion of both rodents and cockroaches. Luckily, I tarped under and over my boxes and then taped it all up while storing my clothes and bedding in those vacuum seal storage bags.

Kevin Kim said...

Sounds like a really good idea. How much are those storage bags (and, I assume, the apparatus that makes the vacuum), and about how much can each storage bag hold? (I need to know how many bags I'll need.) I'm planning on boxing up my books for easy stacking... would you recommend vac-sealing the books, then placing the vac bags inside the boxes?

Good point about vermin. I've been reading online reviews about local storage facilities, and some folks have mentioned vermin (and bad weather) as well.

John from Daejeon said...

Look up "Space Bags" via google and youtube to see them in action.

You can pretty much buy them everywhere (Walmart usually has a decent supply, but you might find them cheaper online) and take a vacuum cleaner hose to suck the air our while others can just be rolled up and then Ziploc sealed.

If you are mainly worried about books, buy the cheap painter's drop plastic at Walmart which is easy to cut to your specific needs and wrap, and tape, your books up in it before, or even after, boxing them.

John from Daejeon said...

Using the Walmart drop cloth purpose plastic will save you more money in the long run and is just as good in my opinion as the "Space Bags" are. Many of my "Space Bags" have lost their airtight seals over time and have re-inflated.

You could also wrap all your belongs by placing those sheets of plastic on the bottom and sides of the room before storing your belongings. After you put your belongings in, you could then cover them up and encase them in a plastic tomb as a protective measure.