Monday, June 10, 2013

T minus 62 days

I still haven't made that checklist for my Big Move to Korea. I plan to do that today, once I'm back from tutoring. instead of working on my checklist, I was a bad boy and decided to test out my mad pulled-pork skilz. I had left about four pounds of frozen pork sirloin in my slow-cooker on Saturday morning; because I knew I was going to be gone for ten hours, I set the heat a bit lower than usual. When I got back, my apartment was positively redolent with the fragrance of quietly percolating pork. Disdaining the low-carb regime, I flaked the pork apart in a large metal bowl and blasted it with one of my all-time favorite barbecue sauces: Wegmans brand Brown Sugar BBQ. That stuff is addictive. I mixed the pork and the sauce together, and... perfect.

Behold my unrepentantly high-carb meal:

I decided to go full-bore racist with my sandwich and slapped on slices of White American cheese. And yeah, I had a cola along with the above. Mea culpa. Or should that be mea gulpa?

The sandwiches were fantastic, but I made the mistake of putting mayonnaise on the bread. Mayo is a rather intrusive condiment. What I should have done, instead, was simply to butter the bread and toast it. I may try doing that later today. I'm sure it'll improve the overall flavor.



John from Daejeon said...

I finally saw the disappointing, new Star Trek film. To cherry-pick and remix so much of the best of Classic Trek was truly the mark of substandard film-making and lack of imagination. Hell, even Peter Weller was lifted nearly straight out of his nearly- decade old "Enterprise" episodes and melded with Star Trek VI.

And while a person's sexuality doesn't bother me, Zachary Quinto's real-life sexuality really distracted me from his fictional one onscreen, so much so, that that whole Spock-Uhura love story has been just too hard to swallow.

The only part I enjoyed, was that part you didn't get. I was a bit surprised at you that you didn't realize that Khan was playing opossum after being stunned in order for his plan to work. Scotty didn't actually knock him out, but rather played right into the superhuman's plans. The casting of Khan was pretty much the only high point of the film for me.

As I left the theater, I found myself realizing that I'd have rather seen a film version focused solely on Khan, than on this new re-imagined Trek wreck.

Kevin Kim said...

re: stun contradiction

No, John, I think I got that part just fine. "Playing possum" is just one interpretation of what happened. "Waking up from being stunned, then biding his time" is another. Occam's Razor favors my interpretation.

At least you and I are in basic agreement that "Into Darkness" is chock-full of references to older work, although this obviously bothered you (what doesn't bother you?) more than it bothered me. I still maintain it's primarily a tribute to Nick Meyer, especially given the way the final part of the movie exactly parallels "Star Trek II."

John from Daejeon said...

I take the original very seriously as "Star Trek" is my all-time favorite television program. If my mom hadn't introduced it to me on my lunch break one Saturday while my father was preoccupied tracking down some parts for a broken down John Deere combine, I would never have left the family farm in deep South Texas for the bright lights of Hollywood, so anything dealing with the original "Star Trek," and its crew, is near and dear to me. If my dad wasn't so anti-television, I would never have read nearly every "Star Trek" book published until "Star Trek: TNG: First Contact" made a drunken mockery out of Zefram Cochrane after Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens' fantastic Trek novel, Federation, was invalidated by the drivel in "First Contact," but according to the studio, later films become canon even when previous books, and television (Star Trek Metamorphosis episode that introduced Zefram Cochrane) are far, far superior. Take a look at the Amazon website and look at the comments section for the book. It's seems I am far from alone in my assessment of the book versus the following TNG movie.

John from Daejeon said...

My love for Star Trek: TOS knows no bounds. I had to track down this "after" Trek meeting between Kirk and Z. Cochrane on the series, Petrocelli, in the early 1970's when Shatner was guest-starring on anything and everything before the Star Trek film series took off and revitalized his career. It was quite the shock to see the Enterprise captain murder the father of warp drive while the captain of the Millennium Falcon did all he could to put Kirk in the electric chair in the episode. At 4:40 is the meeting between the two Star Trek giants. Here's a scene of Han Solo in the same episode at 3:45.

Just how badly did I need to see this, well it's in Spanish if that tells you anything. At least I could watch Kirk reunite with Elaan of Troyius in English in this episodeof Kung Fu at the 7:30 mark with his wild hair.

Here's a great link to a enterprising commercial one of my Star Trek: TNG friends sent me from back in the day. I told him it was just too bad that that was the best Jonathon Frakes ever was and it took the original cast to get that performance out of him.