Tuesday, June 25, 2013

T minus 44

Tuesday. Only 44 more days to go before my final day at YB. Oh, and it's Yugio (yuk-ee-oh = 6-2-5 in Sino-Korean, i.e., June 25, the date on which the Korean War started). A mindful Yugio to you all.

I sent a long list of questions to a future colleague, P, at the Catholic University of Daegu. His answers were terse but informative. Among the more interesting bits of information: I may not even be working five-day weeks. As with the package that Daegu Haany University had offered me, it's likely I'll be working only four-day weeks. There's a very remote chance, P warns, that I might have to work a six-hour day, but the weekly work-hours total never seems to exceed twelve hours. No office hours are required (which I find strange), and while there's an "English café" that can be manned by native-speaking faculty (and for which the faculty are paid extra), I won't be required to man it.

My overall impression is that, since CUD is nearly doubling the size of its current faculty, our individual obligations shrink, or are diffused, in inverse proportion to faculty size. If I do get a Saturday gig with KMA (which I wrote about here), I may forgo the English café and the CUD vacation classes so I can concentrate on where the real money is. Then again, if I turn out to be a glutton for punishment, I might teach those vacation classes along with the KMA classes. We'll see. Much depends upon a hard-nosed assessment of my financial situation.


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