Friday, June 07, 2013

T minus 65 (or 68)

I've got 65 more days until my final Saturday at YB, and 68 days until I'm on a plane bound for Korea. Knock on wood, but my last three Wednesdays at the office have been a real improvement over my Wednesdays before I'd left for Korea. Iblis—when he's shown up—has been seated with a different tutor, and neither Maximus nor Sam has bothered to come to YB since I've been back. This has transformed my Wednesdays into something miraculously stress-free. I have no idea how long this state of affairs will last, and in the spirit of sae ong ji ma (the notion that fortune turns on a dime), I'm suspicious that my luck is going to run out well before my departure. In the meantime, and in the spirit of my friend Sperwer, who did this before his Mr. Seoul contest, I've decided to start counting down the days.

T minus 65. Nine more Wednesdays to go.


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