Sunday, June 23, 2013

T minus 46

I'm down to my final five Sunday lessons with my private tutees. Their mother wanted me to switch to teaching SAT prep, which is fine by me, since that's what I do at my regular job. So, to that end, I've bought some big, fat Kaplan SAT workbooks (the kids already have the College Board's massive SAT prep book, which is actually quite good), and will be slogging through a full-scale SAT with the kids today (Sunday). I had assigned the test to them last week; their homework was to do two or three sections per day. Today's session will be devoted to scoring my students, analyzing their errors, determining their weaknesses, and assigning Kaplan homework based on what I discover.

In other news: I've been snooping around other self-storage facilities, and have yet to find one as good as CubeSmart, which is looking more and more like my best option.

In other other news: I'm emailing back and forth with my soon-to-be boss, and also with a future coworker, about the particulars of life at the Catholic University of Daegu. At the same time, I'm trying to establish extra Saturday work that I'll likely be doing in Seoul; the monthly pay is a few thousand dollars per 40 hours' work. Even if I were to work only six months out of the year, that would be an enormous boost for my income.


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