Saturday, June 08, 2013

finished "Touch"

I'm finally done with "Touch," which is now dead after only two seasons. The series finale ended on an "Empire Strikes Back" note, with certain conflicts resolved but with much yet to do. The series slid into ridiculousness once it started to go full-on Kabbalah (with a large dose of telepathy and "Minority Report"-style clairvoyance), without ever truly explaining the intricacies of Kabbalistic numerology. Many philosophical avenues were left unexplored, and at no point were we ever truly convinced that the fate of the entire world was at stake. All in all, "Touch" made for rather frustrating viewing. The child actors did a decent job, and Kiefer Sutherland turned in consistently earnest, heartfelt performances. But the series never really jelled for me, and the final episode slammed to a halt with the suddenness that comes of cancellation in medias res.

Because I had no access to Hulu while I was in Korea, my queue piled up, and I've still got 21 shows left to watch. Many of these shows are slated to disappear from my queue in just a few days, so I have some fast catching-up to do.


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