Thursday, March 09, 2017

1200 calories

Well, that ended quickly.

This will be the last time I post a diet photo of what I'm eating. Pace the Tapp Brothers and their seemingly nifty suggestion to post food photos as a way to keep oneself honest while dieting, this is becoming highly annoying, and I'm not doing it in a timely manner. It's not that I've failed to post pics of what I'm eating or that I'm being dishonest about calorie counts: it's just a royal pain in the ass to have to keep uploading these damn images, so I'm dragging my feet. I did derive one benefit from this activity, though: I'm now consciously counting calories, and this activity has become habitual in a short amount of time. It will continue. So while I'll no longer be displaying photos of every single damn thing I stuff into my gullet, I will be counting away off-camera, figuring out how I can eat without starving or getting bored or becoming depressed, the way I got depressed while on Atkins.

So enjoy this last, loving look at budae-jjigae boiling away in my office.


Charles said...

I'd like to say I'm heartbroken that your blog is no longer going to be an Instagram/Pinterest interrupted by the occasional post about your urine stream, but...

Well, you get the picture. Heh.

Kevin Kim said...

As all the kids are saying:

I know, right?