Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Walk Thoughts #5: a Tapp Brothers suggestion

When it comes to dieting, I'm one of those undisciplined people who work best when they're made accountable for their eating habits. In one video, the Tapp Brothers pass along a dieting method they'd heard about from others: use your cell phone to document everything—every little thing—you put in your mouth.

This blog might become an annoying stream of not-so-appetizing food pics as a result, but I think this is an excellent suggestion. There's obviously a bit of the honor system about it: I can still cheat, in theory, by eating and not photographing what I eat. If I commit to doing this, though, I'll feel obliged to be as truthful as possible, and I'll tell you if I decide I no longer want to bombard you with food images.

Starting today, though, I'm going to be uploading pics of what I'm eating. Go ahead—give me shit about my dietary habits. You know you won't be happy unless you can carp like a nagging wife. When I upload a food pic, the post title will be an approximate caloric figure. I'm too lazy to break every eating/drinking session down into carbs, proteins, sodium, etc., so you're only going to see calories. Brace yourself for a torrent of food and drink. (Just so you know: I won't be photographing glasses of water. That'll get tedious fast.)

Oh, yeah: my starting weight is 126 kg. Goal = 115 kg by May 1. I think this is doable.


Charles said...

You totally need to do Instagram for this. That way you'd blend in with all the other Instagram users.

Kevin Kim said...

Too bad I left Instagram the same day I left Twitter.