Sunday, March 19, 2017

a long walk (scheduled post)

If all has gone well, this post will appear at 6:30AM on Sunday, March 19. I will have gotten up around 5:15AM and skedaddled at 6:00AM, a bit before the time this post ought to be appearing. I'll be meeting teacher and blogger Brian Dean, whom I've "known" for years through blogs and comments, but have never met in the flesh. We're doing a 7-hour walk starting in Yeouido, near one of those TARDIS-like "certification" centers for bikers who are marking their progress along Korea's major bike trails.

Brian, having lived an athletic life, is in far better shape than I am, so I suspect this walk will be easy for him. I've done enough five-hour walks to know what I feel like at the end of those treks; I'm usually tired, parched, and a little achy. Brian and I will be walking east along the Han, essentially following the same path I took during my bike trip last week (my ass-bones still ache slightly, but I'm mostly recovered), going out for about 3.5 hours, eating a simple lunch, then doubling back for a 3.5-hour return walk. This promises to be a great opportunity to meet face-to-face and talk for a few hours.

I doubt we'll get as far out as I did when biking, especially since we'll be starting much farther to the west of where I began my bike ride. It would have been nice to walk all the way out to the Paldang Dam, the first major landmark on my upcoming walk, but I guess that's a feat for another day. (I may rent a bike again and try for the damn dam.)

There may be photos today. Or not. We'll see. I may also ping-and-blog our location periodically, but I won't be doing a pedometer's step count because my phone will be off for most of the walk, given my battery-power issues. (That reminds me... once I'm back from the walk around 2 or 3PM, I need to go get phone batteries and a portable charger.)

Righto... have a good Sunday. More soon.


Surprises Aplenty said...

My left ankle - the muscles that lift the foot - is really sore. But after a nap, I am fairly comfortable


Kevin, there should be a picture in this comment. I hope it works.

I had a great time. Hope you're recovering.

And the Big Hominid's meals are everything that a longtime reader would imagine.

Kevin Kim said...


My feet were ruined, too, it seems: I've got blisters on the balls of both my feet, plus a blister on my right pinky toe. Aspirin is tamping down the muscle aches, especially in my shins. I also should have worn my biker shorts for a bit less friction in the nether regions, which are nicely raw.

It was great to meet you and have a chance to talk with you. Thanks for the sandwich, and for enjoying the fried rice. Until we meet again!