Monday, March 06, 2017

985 calories

I learned a harsh lesson last night: what I consider a normal bowl of cereal is about a thousand calories of food. You're looking at 200 grams of lightly frosted corn flakes plus 300 grams of chocolate milk. Life lesson: a single bowl of cereal (especially if it's frosted) can be, calorically speaking, worse than a large, sugary snack. And it'll ruin your day if you're trying to stay under a certain caloric limit.


Charles said...

200 grams of cereal?! O_o

Charles said...

For gits and shiggles, I decided to calculate how many calories would be in an equivalent amount of Shredded Wheat--which is 100% wheat and has no added sugar--along with 300 grams of whole milk. It comes out to 900 calories (~710 from the cereal + ~190 from the milk), only 85 calories less than your total.

I think 200 grams of any cereal with 300 grams of milk is going to be a lot of calories.

Kevin Kim said...

"200 grams of cereal?! O_o"

Oh, you puny humans!

Haaaaaaggggghhhh ha ha ha ha haaaaa!!

Kevin Kim said...

" going to be a lot of calories."

Cereal is a killer. A cereal killer.

Charles said...

There are not enough groans in the world for that.