Monday, March 13, 2017

God damn that Joe for tempting us this way

Joe McPherson tells me he's designing a menu for a pub in Seoul. I don't think I'm at liberty to disclose the pub's name—not until Joe's menu is ready to go.

For now, all I can say is... I see sausages.


Charles said...

Third time's the charm, maybe? I can only hope that it's still around when I get back.

Kevin Kim said...


The "it" in question is an already-established pub, and the pub itself isn't in any danger of going under (I think). The only question is whether Joe can get his menu up and running at the pub, and then we'll see whether his bill of fare has any legs. I'm hoping it will last a long, long while, but Joe texted a warning that his entrees will be expensive. I texted back that "cost is no object" to me, which is true. But that's me, and not the general public, who may take a dim view of high prices.

You, you lucky bastard, have free access to much cheaper Amurrican food right where you are, especially being next door to a foodie Mecca. You can eat something like Joe's menu all day long, like it ain't no thang. We mortals, trapped here on the peninsula, have to pay top dollar for food that, even now, is considered a bit exotic.

Charles said...

Ah, yes, by "it" I meant the menu itself, as opposed to the establishment.

As for being a lucky bastard, yes I will admit that there is some good food here. But I have yet to find anything like Joe's chicken. Were I down south, I imagine I might have better luck. It is possible that I just haven't looked hard enough, but I don't get the impression that Boston is a mecca of slow-smoked barbecue chicken. Seafood, though? Hell yeah.

But the big thing around here (i.e., Cambridge) seems to be... sandwiches. Really fancy, really overpriced sandwiches that hurt when you eat them because the ciabatta or whatever has been toasted to super-crunchy levels (I had a sandwich the day before yesterday that removed most of the skin from the roof of my mouth; I have only just recovered from it). To be fair, though, we don't eat out all that much.

Kevin Kim said...

Sandwiches that hurt the mouth, and apparently not in a good way. Fascinating, Captain. A form of sandwich never before encountered.