Thursday, March 02, 2017

3000+ calorie dinner, Part 1

I met my friend Charlie, formerly of KimcheeGI blog fame, for dinner on base this evening. I hadn't seen him in years; he looks good for a man who has become a dad since last I saw him. He's back to working at Yongsan Base as a sysadmin, so he invited me out for dinner. We made for the Tex-Mex buffet at Dragon Hill Lodge, but the place closes after 2PM on Thursdays, so we hopped over to Greenstreet, which was having a steak-buffet night.

As I have now sworn to be honest to my readers about whatever I consume, what follows is the caloric horror of tonight's meal. I didn't just break my fast: I decimated it. Since I can't even begin to estimate the calorie count, I'm simply calling this a 3000-plus-calorie meal.

First plate below (sorry for the blur; more blur to come):

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