Wednesday, March 01, 2017

very sad

"Logan" is out in Korea, but it seems to be in limited release for the next little while, according to Most relevant to me is that it's not playing at Jamshil's Lotte World Tower Cinemas, which is the closest multiplex to where I live. I might have to wait a week or so before "Logan" is released more widely. As our president might tweet: "Sad!"

UPDATE: a few hits of the "refresh" button later, and "Logan" is suddenly in release everywhere. So I'm off to see "Logan" tonight! On an empty stomach! And I'll likely walk home from Jamshil! Woo-hoo!

UPDATE 2: got my tickets for an 11:20PM viewing of "Logan." As promised, my review will be only a paragraph long, however much I might want to gush.

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