Friday, March 03, 2017

most of my camp kitchen

The local department store, Lotte Mart in Jamshil, was selling this Esbit brand pocket stove. I saw that was selling the same stove for slightly cheaper, but I decided to grab it here, along with some chemical briquettes.

Since I'll be relying primarily on freeze-dried food, either Korean or American, all I need is a camp stove that can heat water to a boil. This pocket stove fits the bill nicely, but its one major flaw is the lack of a windscreen. I can jury-rig something around the stove, though, so that shouldn't be a huge problem. What the stove lacks in windscreens, it makes up for in lightness and portability.

Now I need to buy a simple mess kit, or just a one-pint container in which to heat my water, and we're golden.

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