Sunday, July 29, 2018

and there was no joy in Mudville

I just went over to Jamshil Lotte World Mall Cinemas to see the newest "Mission: Impossible" film (review coming soon). The big news is that the Hard Rock Café on the fifth floor is dead and gone, soon to be replaced by what I think will be another restaurant trying to cash in on a similar, music-themed idea: JKP, which apparently stands for the nauseating "Just K-Pop." Yeah... that'll motivate me to show up. They could serve medallions of duck-liver pâté wrapped in gently fried truffle shavings for five cents per medallion, and I still wouldn't be tempted. I'm an enemy of all music that shrinks your testicles.


Charles said...

I probably won't read the review of the new MI until I've seen it myself, but a quick thumbs up/thumbs down?

Kevin Kim said...

I'm not as gaga over it as some of the YouTube reviewers I've watched, but I did think it was good enough for me to want to see it again. I agree with the assessment that, despite the long running time (almost 2.5 hours), the movie does fly by. Thumbs up.