Tuesday, July 03, 2018

the sudden appearance of the #WalkAway "movement"

Here's a post on the newly conceived #WalkAway campaign, which was apparently sparked by a hashtag created by acerbic conservative Hollywood actor James Woods when he coined the term just last month. #WalkAway, as a concept, has since blossomed into what might almost be called a movement, although I suspect its advent is too recent for it to have acquired true movement status. The idea behind #WalkAway is simple: it's time to leave the Democratic party—in its current, wild-eyed form—behind. Just walk away. The above-linked post has an embedded video that has apparently gone viral. Here it is:

And here's Styx's take on #WalkAway:

Not being on Twitter any longer, I'm new to #WalkAway and would never have heard about it had I not already been listening to my alt-media sources. The concept is interesting, but in the end, I'm not sure it has legs. As always in these topsy-turvy times, though, we'll see. I can say this: if the movement does gain traction, it will definitely have a gravitational effect on the midterm elections this November. It's another thing for Democrats to fear.

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