Tuesday, July 31, 2018

the ironies never cease

This headline gave me a chuckle:

"Liberals Called Trump Mentally Unfit, Now They're Being Treated for 'Trump Anxiety Disorder'"

ah haz teh krayzee

In 2003, the late and celebrated writer Charles Krauthammer coined the term “Bush Derangement Syndrome,” which he described as: “The acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency – nay – the very existence of George W. Bush.”

Prior to becoming one of the most respected political analysts of his time, Charles Krauthammer was Dr. Krauthammer, a psychiatrist, who treated people for various forms of mental illness. In this regard, he was a uniquely qualified observer of American politics.

Krauthammer was not a Trump supporter, but the behavior of the left after the 2016 election gave him an obvious reason to offer his diagnosis of a new disorder called “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

How else could you describe the mental state of people who organized groups to scream at the sky on the one year anniversary of Trump’s 2016 victory?

Democrats and their allies in media, as well as the left’s army of professional activists, have tried everything they can think of to reverse or invalidate the 2016 election, most notably through the seemingly never-ending Mueller investigation.

Liberals tune in to CNN and MSNBC on a nightly basis, waiting for that one shred of proof of Russian collusion that Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff of California keeps telling them is just around every corner.


Now, ...a new mental disorder is rising. According to The Hill, therapists are seeing an increase in what they’re calling “Trump Anxiety Disorder” which is simply a nicer way of describing “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Writer Avery Anapol reports that the founder of a counseling and psychotherapy center in Washington, DC described the condition as “a fear of the world ending.”

Unemployment is at a record low, America’s GDP just reached 4.1 percent and ISIS is well on its way to becoming a footnote in history, yet many on the left live in a state of constant dread.

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