Monday, July 23, 2018

Shawn is now of the dead

Did I mention that the new No Brand store, just up the street from where I work, occupies the space vacated by the awful Shawn's American Grill? You may vaguely recall my negative experience the one time I went to Shawn's; I vowed never to return. The place opened in 2016, and now it's already gone. Well, good. Restaurants anywhere are always a risky proposition, given their inherently slim profit margins, but they make things harder for themselves when they get the ambiance right while producing shite food. Bad quality = bad karma.

Anyway, Shawn's demise has worked out in my favor: I'll be heading over to the No Brand store later today to pick up a mess of hot dogs, thus bringing me that much closer to finishing up my meal prep for Friday.

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