Sunday, July 22, 2018

great Styx rant

Styx gets his rant on re: the left's supposed "tolerance" and the actual intolerant reality, plus why it's impossible to trust the mainstream media, which promotes distortions of the truth along with fearmongering:

Part of what Styx talks about is a man-on-the-street interview conducted by Lauren Southern (a Canadian conservative and prominent alt-media YouTuber—and she's so damn young!). You've already read my caveats about the value of such interviews, but in this case, I don't think Southern—who was apparently in Australia—has discovered anything different from what other interviewers have discovered while on American university campuses: the thinking is utterly brainwashed and, with very few exceptions, utterly univocal. This is the zombie apocalypse, in my opinion: diversity of thought is pretty much gone from the one place where it most ought to be flourishing.

This is not a discussion anymore; it's just a screaming match. So, lads, it's sad to say, but let's all suit up and get ready for the much-ballyhooed civil war. The ones with the most guns will win, I think, and fairly quickly, too. Time to crack some skulls.

You mean...
you'll put down your rock,
and I'll put down my sword,
and we'll try and kill each other
like civilized people?

—Man in Black, "The Princess Bride"

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John from Daejeon said...

I'm glad you got me turned on to the shirtless youtuber's channel, but somehow this video sent me down the youtube hole to a "Wreck-It Ralph" Vanellope von Schweetz cosplay genius. I wonder how that happened without tracking/spy analytics being heavily involved, but I'm not complaining too much. It is amazing how she can transform herself via makeup and wigs into Emma Watson and then all the way into three very different animated female rabbits. I guess I can watch her transform while listening to Styx in the background to give my eyes a break.