Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Happy 15th to Ye Old Blogge

On this date in 2003, I started this blog. Fifteen years later, and here I am, still blogging. It's been a good voyage; I've learned much, and I can only hope that the constant pounding on the keyboard has, in some small measure, improved my writing. For those who've faithfully accompanied me on this journey: thank you. Blogging, as a literary form, may be dying out in favor of short-form writing ("microblogging") on such sites as Twitter and Instagram, but I keep at it old-school all the same, not wanting to yield to the short-attention-span crowd.

As I've written before, the blog serves several constructive purposes. First, it caters to my native urge to write. Second, it's a fine place to vent, and if you've followed me long enough, you know I don't hide the fact that I'm not a saint: I've blogged evil thoughts about other people; I've been petty and spiteful (and will be again); I've expressed long-held grudges and ranted about things outside of my control. All of that feels good, and I have no regrets. Third, the posts on this blog are fodder for potential books, and even though I don't talk about it much, I have a couple book projects in the works, some of which troll the blog for material.

Fifteen years of writing, thousands of pages and millions of words written. This blog will likely be the most significant monument to me after I die. Lucky for me, it's not finished yet, and neither am I. Here's to another fifteen years!


Neil Barker said...


Congratulations on 15 years blogging! This blog was one of the first blogs I followed after arriving in Korea back in 2003. You cover a great range of topics and I hope you continue to blog. Where else can I find such an eclectic mix of topics like Buddhism, Korean office politics, walking/hiking, and beyond? Thanks for sharing!


Neil Barker (formerly Neil Barker's Seoul blog)
South Korea 2003-2014

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks for your faithful readership, Neil!

John Mac said...

Congrats, Kevin! Been reading you daily since 2005! Always enjoy your insights and unique perspectives.

Over the years you've posted some personal stuff that must have been painful to write. But what you may not know is the wisdom you shared from those experiences have touched your readers in a positive. Two posts in particular I recall that I've gone back to read on those occasions when I needed to be reminded of the life lessons you imparted.

The Easter post from March 2005 and then the Arbor Day meditation from April 2005 snared me as a regular reader here. It's been a good ride!

matt said...

Congratulations on reaching the big one-five! Beyond enjoying your take a wide range of topics for many years now, I’m impressed that you’ve kept at it regularly for so long – it’s not always an easy task.

(Though, if it is true that the entire K-blogosphere is just you talking to yourself, some of your incarnations have become very quiet in recent years.)

Kevin Kim said...


Thanks, man,

Ah, that Party Pooper. Harks back to the golden age with Lost Nomad, Incestuous Amplification, Cathartidae, pre-team-blog-era Marmot, et al.

Please keep up the excellent, well-researched work on Gusts. I drop by whenever I see an update on my RSS feed.

Kevin Kim said...

Belated thanks to you for your comment, John. I'm grateful for your readership.