Monday, July 30, 2018

my dream home

If I had all the money in the world, my desires for a dream home would be fairly modest compared to the appetites of, say, a Warren Buffett or even a James Cameron. My dream home is this house, which I've long coveted. It sits almost literally up the street from where I used to live in Alexandria, Virginia, just a few minutes' bike ride north, along the George Washington Parkway bike trail, from my family's old home at 8525 Washington Avenue. The real-estate site, with no small measure of false modesty, describes this home as "French country" in style. While there's nothing truly rustic about the architecture, the house and its property have always evoked Europe, particularly France, for me, and that's one of the major reasons why, if I had the cash, I would snap this home up in an instant. Of course, I don't have 2.7 million dollars on me at the moment (do you? care to spot me?), so this house will always and forever remain no more than a dream for me.


Charles said...

Interesting that you have such a specific dream home. I know there's homes that I would like, but I don't think I could call any home my dream home. Or maybe I just haven't met it yet?

Kevin Kim said...

This home actually reminds me, a little bit, of the house my French Maman and Papa used to live in, in Carquefou, before they retired and moved into smaller digs. It's spacious, bright, and somewhat spare while also being tastefully decorated and appointed. I might want to turn some of the interiors in a more Korean direction, but all in all, the insides are as gorgeous as the outside.

As for specificity: I guess there are those who would vaguely describe their dream home as something like "a modest house facing the sea," but the more detail you add to your description, the more specific your vision inevitably becomes. This house presented itself to me, in all its uniqueness, during my walks and bike rides along the GW Parkway, so I had many opportunities to focus on its particularity. The photos of the interior only make me want it more.