Wednesday, July 25, 2018

the pre-luncheon tour

I asked aloud whether anyone in the office wanted to "take a tour" of the food I had already brought to the office, and—almost like a scene from a movie—everyone got up and came with me to our faux kitchenette to see the goods. Apologies for some blurriness in a couple of the photos. First up: dog buns in the freezer—

Next, a look at how much space my food is taking up:

And then it was time to open the containers to give everyone a look/whiff. "What's that?" exclaimed one coworker, standing a bit too far away to see. Why, my dear, 'tis the chili:

Next up: the baked beans:

Finally, the corn salad, which seems to be holding up okay after three days:

I also showed off the cornbread, but since you've seen that already, I'm not showing it here.

Remarks from my coworkers:

"I think we should try some of this now to make sure it's fit to eat."
"I just wanna stick my whole head into the baked beans."
"I'm running off with the cornbread! Mine!"

As I mentioned earlier, I've grilled the hot dogs, so everything is now ready to go except the burger patties, the vegetable trimmings (onions and tomatoes and lettuce; pickles are pre-sliced and from the bottle), and the burger buns. There's going to be a hell of a lot of desperate cooking tomorrow night and, possibly, Friday morning. Luckily, I've carted over about 65-70% of the food at this point, so I won't have too much to lug over on Friday. What I'd like to do is come into the office a couple hours earlier than usual so I can focus on prep. I hope I can rouse myself at an ungodly, single-digit hour to do just that. I guarantee I'll be sleeping in late on Saturday, but I can't rest all day: I'll be meeting up with Charlie, formerly of KimcheeGI fame, to have a nice, relaxing meal on base. Sunday, then, will be the true day of rest.

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