Thursday, July 19, 2018

plates and bowls

On Tuesday morning, I went back to Gwangjang Market to pay my final W50,000 and collect my set of 25 plates and 25 bowls. I had been looking for the restaurant-quality flatware made of tough plastic, and I found it at Gwangjang after a few fruitless trips to other markets.

Here they be:

Those are ten-inch plates. The bowls aren't quite as wide, but they're wide enough to serve a large portion of soup, or a huge glop of bibimbap, or hell, even cereal. They're tough, and while I expect them to turn brown and scuffed over time, they'll last forever.

At long last, my upgrading is complete: the office now has metal forks, knives, spoons, and chopsticks, plus tough flatware worthy of such utensils. The plastic flatware that has served us up to last month will be stored and used only as needed. I also bought two folding tables that saw use last month, when we did moqueca. I think, all in all, we're good, and Kevin's Office Kitchen (I'll have to work on that phallic initialism, KOK) can operate in earnest. I also think I'm turning into a damn catering service—one that doesn't turn a profit.


Charles said...

You should definitely call yourself "Culinary Office Courtesy of Kevin."

Kevin Kim said...

COCOK! I love it!


Charles said...

You must follow the rules of abbreviation! Nobody includes the "of"!

Otherwise, I have a NASA buddy I can ask. They're experts at coming up with great backronyms.