Monday, July 16, 2018

la France remporte la victoire

Je ne regarde presque jamais les sports à la télé ou sur internet, mais il faut quand même reconnaître la France à l'occasion de sa victoire contre la Croatie dans la finale de la Coupe du monde. Cela fait vingt ans depuis le championnat dernier; il s'agit donc d'une occasion plutôt significative, voire même symbolique.

J'avais vu que Paris a déjà subi une explosion orgasmique de festivités; ses rues, éternellement sales grâce aux crottes de chien éparpillées partout sur les trottoirs, se sont salies davantage. A Paris, les gens font la fête de leur propre façon: bien arrosés, et violemment!

Bon, je te félicite, la belle France! En avant pour l'an 2022!


Charles said...

Honestly, I was rooting for Croatia and hoping that they would be able to pull off an upset--especially after Griezmann's egregious dive in the first half that led to a free kick and France's first goal--but France played well and deserved the victory. They had a great tournament, and I'd much rather see Les Bleus go home with the trophy than a predictable team like Brazil or Germany (heh). My ancestors do hail from that part of the world, after all!

Croatia also deserve kudos for playing their hearts out, but they simply came up short against a dominant French side. (England, as usual, ended up disappointing legions of fans who though that, maybe this time, football really was coming home.)

Kevin Kim said...

Although my French-language post was cheerfully sarcastic, I do sincerely congratulate the French on a job well done. My friend Neil was rooting for France to take out Croatia since Croatia had taken out England. I guess he got his wish. He did tell me, the other day, about England's loss to Belgium. Hélas.

Here's how clueless I am: I had to go to Wikipedia to find out that the World Cup is a quadrennial event. I guess England will have to wait one presidential term before it can redeem itself. Perhaps by then, Her Majesty will likely have retired to that great Buckingham Palace in the sky, and your namesake will have been installed as king.

Charles said...

The Queen is actually a lich and thus immortal. She will reign eternal.

And England have no one to blame but themselves for going home. The path to the cup had been bulldozed clear before them, but they couldn't come up with the goods. If there is any silver lining, they are a relatively young team with a lot of potential... but so are France.

Kevin Kim said...

re: Her Royal Lichiness

This explains much.